To Heal & Play  - Art and Culture in the Group


We invite you to the Xth Nordic Conference



Day 1

13.00–14.45 Registration

14.45–15.15 Opening ceremony

15.15–16.30 Keynote lecture

16.30–17.00 Break

17.00–18.30 Large group

19.30 Welcome reception


Day 2

08.30–09.45 Keynote lecture

09.45–10.15 Break

10.15–11.45 Median group

11.45–13.00 Lunch

13.00–14.15 Seminars and workshops

14.15–14.30 Break

14.30–15.45 Seminars and workshops

15.45–16.15 Break

16.15–17.45 Large group

19.00 Banquet


Day 3

08.30–09.45 Keynote lecture

09.45–10.15 Break

10.15–11.45 Median group

11.45–13.00 Lunch

13.00–14.15 Seminars and workshops

14.15–14.30 Break

14.30–16.00 Large group

16.00–16.15 Conclusion


Conference venue: Bryggarsalen, Norrtullsgatsgatan 12N.




Keynote speakers



Victor Criado is a licensensed Psychologist and has the last three years been working in a team for young adults, 18-24 years, in an outdoor clinic within the NHS psychiatry in Stockholm. Before he started his work as a psychologist Victor worked as an actor for 28 years, both in his homeland Spain and in Sweden. He work as an actor in Sweden has mostly developed at Unga Klara, a part of Stockholms stadsteater, the second largest theater in Stockholm. In his lecture, Victor Criado, will tie a link between his both professions to try and describe how ”to Heal and to Play” belong together. His staring point will be his own background. 

Victor presents it like this: I was born in one of the most conflicted Basqe areas in northern Spain. The name of the village was then Renteria. I grew up in an environment filled with political and social violence. In the village a theatergroup was formed which succeeded to become a reference within the Spanish theater. I will connect the containt of my lecture to the Spanish Civil War and its many consequences with many wounds to heel and some that still need heeling. Playing with art has turned into a way to succeed in healing.



PhD, Leg. Psychologist, Specialist in clinical psychology, Specialist in neuropsychology.

E. works as a lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg, as well as project manager at the Center for Critical Heritage Studies, Cultural Heritage and Health at the University of Gothenburg. In her clinical activity she has worked with people in socially vulnerable situations in psychiatry, drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation for persons who have been long-term unemployed, often collaborating with the social services and the social security fund. Her dissertation treated substance abuse and behavior where she sought to understand the subjective experiences of people who had problems with different forms of addiction, and at the same time see their problems from a contextual perspective. She is interested in questions about gender, religion, ethnicity and identity.

Elisabeth conducts research in collaboration with the Affective Unit at Psykiatri Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg. She has done an evaluation/report on art studio at Sahlgrenska where she talks with both patients and staff about the importance of the group and the community that arises/occurs when people share an interest and are interested in art together. 

Download the abstact here





Ingalill has worked with art psychotherapeutic groups for 20 years and now works at the Special Policy Clinic for Eating Disorders at Oslo University Hospital. Besides this she had several years of group therapeutic private practice, she carries out guidance practices for art psychotherapists and has taught and supervised at Billedterapistudiet at Oslo Met since 2003. She works as a teacher at IGA’s group therapy education in Norway since 2017. Ingalill is particularly concerned with the meeting point between group analysis/group psychotherapy and art therapy and how these fields enrich each other and the patient in the therapeutic work. Ingalill is also a yoga teacher and is concerned with the body as a carrier of relational information and its role in play and creativity. Educational background is Bachelor of Science in Psychology from York University (1997), Master of Art Psychotherapy (2002) and Diplomaed Group Analysist IGA Oslo (2009).





Hotel recommendations

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Birger Jarl

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